Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It was NOT too good to be true!

So remember the Free Yoga I was telling you about?

Well I went to my first free class AND I did my hour of volunteer babysitting and it went REALLY well.

My only concern is the girl who will be sharing the responsibility of the daycare on Wednesday brings her own kids and one of them has autism.

Now before you start bashing me for not having a heart, she spends the WHOLE hour with her son trying to not let him hit, scratch, bite, scream, steal and beat on the other kids! He is SUCH a distraction to EVERYONE in this little room! The room is BARELY big enough for a table and chairs and we had 9 kids in there! 9 with her son hitting and biting the other kids. Which made them cry and lash out.

It was a nightmare so to speak. I was able to take some of the older ones into the hallway to stretch and play games but her son would keep SCREAMING and hitting the other kids that we all had to be crammed into this little space trying to stay out of her way.

The lady who runs the "program" asked me how the day went and she read it all over my face. They have a hard time getting people to stay on Wednesday (which is one of the busier days) to help because of her and the people only say "something came up on Wednesdays" so they can no longer volunteer.

I feel bad but I do not blame them. Really. I mean I was bitten 2 times ALONE! Can you imagine what that does to 8 other kids?

Anywho I am going to stick it out. See how it goes. Its only 1 hour a week.


KLC said...

I teach a whole classroom of students that fit the same profile of the child you speak of. if you are going to continue watching him Maybe it would be helpful to talk to his teacher to get some behavioral management tips. I bet he has a written behavior plan at school and with mom's permission you could get a copy. This would not only help you but will benefit him too. Consistancy is super important. If you have any questions I'll be glad to help any way I can!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

KLC- I will email you today

Steph said...

Oh my! I could only imagine. Hope it gets better.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Girl, you're better than me. I can't handle that. I helped out in a classroom once that was full of autistic and autism kids and it was draining. I was exhausted. Hang in there!

Rhi said...

ummm yay my first blog BFF : )

I admit I love you too. You do yoga. I think that is cool. I tried it once but i am really too lazy even for yoga.

Emily said...

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