Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honest scrap!

So someone tagged me with an award last week or the week before I can not remember.

Umm I read about it, stole the button to post it AND CAN NOT FIGURE OUT WHO TAGGED ME...**hangs head in shame***

Well anyways here is the award....

The rules:
"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two. First, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Third, let all the people you've given the award to know that they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you."

So here we go... Well all but the link back to the person who tagged me.. Unless you "remind" me and I can edit this?


1. I have a weird fear of being fired. Strange I know, but I always have this weird feeling I am going to get fired. Although I am an ideal employee and in 32 years I have never been "fired" **well except for that one time but I do not think it counts because I had given notice anyways** it just really scares me. And I am not sure why. Performance reviews make me vomit (serious) and break out in sweat.

2. I am a loyal friend. If you are my friend I will do anything for you, and I will hold you and your feelings close to my heart.

3. If I ever win the lottery I would volunteer my time. I would just love the option to never have to worry about money and be able to give my time, and some of it to a worthy cause.

4. I used to have a HUGE phobia of feet. Serious I used to make people wear socks in my pool. When I met the hubby and he learned of this little "issue" he would rub his feet all over me till I cried. I would ALWAYS try to wear my socks in bed. I am over it now (well thats a lie) I just choose not to look at other peoples feet and if I by chance catch a nasty snarl toe I gag.

5. I collect shoes (but y'all knew that already) I am actually a REALLY picky shoe person. All though I love me some shoes I am VERY picky about what I buy. I MUST LOVE THEM to purchase them. I have this rule. I walk away and if I am still thinking about them in 2 days I will go back for them. It rarely happens. If I LOVE them off the bat I buy them.

6. I am a candyaholic. No joke I LOVE CANDY (hence the size of my ass currently). However I do not like candy that is watermelon or peach flavored. Not sure why just REALLY dislike them.

7. I rock out in my car. Like so bad American idol has NOTHING on me. I sing as loud as I can and throw in some dance moves too. Only when I am alone though... And it makes other people laugh and that makes my day.... It was really bad when I had my convertible.

8. I grew up in Canada born and raised ( YAY CANADA WON GOLD IN HOCKEY!) and went to a french elementary school. I have been in the USA now for 7 years and I have lost MOST of my french. I understand it if you speak it to me but I can barely speak it to save my life.

9. I have been dying to learn sign language. I really need to get on that. Its been something I have wanted to do for a really long time.

10. My life is so blessed with so many friends and loved ones. I married the man of my dreams and I thank god for him every day! I am such a lucky girl!

Ok so on to the tags. I am not going to tag anyone because I think EVERYONE has done this one already but if you have not? Do it and let me know!


secret agent woman said...

I guess numbers 4 and 5 are related, huh? :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

So the wearing socks in pools made me laugh non stop. I don't even think I could swim with socks on lol. But yes... people's feet freak me out. Huge yellow toe nails...ewwwwwwww

New Girl on Post said...

Socks in the pool? Wow...that makes me laugh.

I'm with you on the watermelon candy though. It makes me yak!

Steph said...

I hate watermelon candy too! Gross.

Nishant said...

Wow...that makes me laugh.
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