Thursday, February 18, 2010

I can see my toes OVER my head!!!

This IS HUGE!!

I have fallen back in love with Bikram yoga.

A long time ago (about 12 years ago) I used to practice about 9 times a week. I loved it, it made me full of energy, helped me stay slim, it just all round made me feel good.

I forgot how much I LOVE IT!

When I started back at my first Bikram class 2 weeks ago I could BARLEY (and that's being nice) stand the whole class, I was dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous. It was bad. But I stuck it out, stayed in the class.

And kept going back.

And 8 classes later I AM BACK!! And I want to scream it for the world to hear!!

This is the posture that has eluded me for weeks

And today I HIT IT! all 4 times.

I think I may have done a little happy dance, and at the end of class while we were resting in the last posture the instructor was talking about "The best thing about teaching is seeing a student work SO HARD, and being there their first class and seeing how far and well they have come"

To be honest it felt like he was talking just to me.

And maybe he was.


Ashley said...

Wowzers! I don't think I could ever hit that position. Get it girl! :)

Rhi said...

he was talkin to you he told me so

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Woohoo! That's great! I'm so happy for you! I know that's tough to do!

New Girl on Post said...

I would love to get into yoga. They have a class on-post, but I've been lazy and haven't gone.

Congrats on getting back into yoga and hittinig that pose! Awesome!

Adorably Distracted... said...

Good for you!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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