Monday, February 08, 2010

Remember the day I was stabbed?

Remember this post?

Well following is the letter I sent and the bottom is the response that I received. Everything in brackets was not actually sent...

I am writing to advise you of the dining experience we had with your establishment yesterday (February 3rd, 2010).

Lunch was fabulous, the food was awesome, the server was great (His name was Bob *names changed to protect the stabber) and all round it was a great dining experience.

Until I was stabbed by your server with a knife, he was pre bussing our table and accidentally cut a piece of skin off of my finger with your steak knives.

Now I understand accidents happen, and I accept that this may have been a freak accident however I would assume that if a guest is made to bleed by accident that at least a manager would stop by to make sure everything was ok? When I asked the server for a hand sink to rinse and wash my bleeding finger he lead me to the COKE MACHINE and had me run it under a stream of water from that?

Hardly sanitary I would bet. He even had to ASK ME if I would like a bandage? I mean I am bleeding, pretty bad, as fingers do! Of course I would like a bandage. I also had to request he bring me an alcohol wipe to clean my finger due to the fact that it was washed in a coke machine and there was butter on the knife?

I am appalled at the lack of attention this matter received. I was not offered any medical attention; a manager did not even stop by to make sure everything was ok?

Is this standard practice for an establishment as big as yours? Accepting it was an accident was fine but to just brush this under the carpet as if nothing had happened? It is not ok! Regardless that I was with a group of people is there a reason that this would not be addressed?

What if I was seriously injured? (I was not thank goodness)


Random Musings

The OWNER of the restaurant called me. I felt a little bad because he was also appalled and the fact that it was my first visit to the restaurant and I had such a bad experience.

Well he apologized profusely.

He said he was sending my husband and I something in the mail to "try to make up" for their error.

He also said until he received my letter from corporate that he still had no idea about the incident. He was in the store at the time of the accident and was upset that nothing was said because he would have been the first to stop by.

In hopes of the server not getting too much flack because IT WAS AN ACCIDENT however freaky, they are going to address the issue and use my incident as a training tool about how not to handle accidents. Also it was scary to him that the manager (if the manager was even told which I HOPE was not the case so the server does not get fired based on how angry the owner was) that it was not recorded in any logs or reported to him before the letter.

I could have been a hemophiliac and died a little dramatic I know, or as far as they know I could be HIV positive and washing my finger in the coke machine....

Anywho I am happy at the way it was settled. Even if they chose not to send anything I am glad I received a call and it was heart felt. (that or the owner was a GREAT actor) I still feel a little bad about the bunch of shit the server is going to get into.

But it was his own fault. All he needed to do was say something. Because we all know accidents happen.


Rhi said...

the bloody coke machine thing grossed me out. I worked in retaurants for years. But that one takes the cake. Umm ewwww. and i hope your fingy is better.

The Mrs. said...

i think some of my dinner came up with the coke machine thing.

Glad the owner owned up and was appalled as he should have been.

secret agent woman said...

That's a good example of exactly how a manager should handle a letter of complaint.

Steph said...

He had you rinse it off in the Coke machine? OMG. Glad to hear the manager is actually sorry and going to do something about it.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I can't believe he had you wash it off on a coke machine. Totally unsanitary!

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