Monday, March 02, 2009

Home alone...

I dropped the hubby off at the airport this morning to send him on his way to Vegas... yeah not for fun (well I am sure there will be a little fun) he is there for work.

So its me and Miss Daisy for the week. We have a very fun week planned.

Do lots of shopping.. Did I tell you how much Daisy LOVES the car? Every chance we get we take her with us. Just the mention of the word car sends her into spastic barking and running in circles. Its so cute to see, I think I will get that on video.

Attempt to finish unpacking **gasp** I know its been 3 weeks it should be done by now. But we are leaving a few things packed up so that we will not have to repack them again. I really just want to get the spare room set up with the bed and stuff as opposed to it being against the wall right now.


Clean house and finish laundry. Not in that order because the house cleaning will have to be done the day the hubby comes Because if he knew I lived like this!!

Spend time with fabulous new friends!! I just got home from the hospital for one of the girls I work with IS HAVING A BABY!!! So in a few hours there will be a PICTURE post of new squishy baby pictures!!


Sandy said...

I hope you get lots done this week! Miss Daisy needs to get paid for being your assistant!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't spend too much of your time alone cleaning!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Sandy- She is very spoiled that is for sure!! She always gets special treats whenever we go shopping.

COTW- To be honest the hubby does all the cleaning, I am just looking to "sort" and set up and finish decorating. thats my version of

ally said...

hey, sorting and setting up is two of the most important things to do before the actual cleaning! -=D

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