Friday, March 27, 2009

Travel, travel, travel!!

I am so excited!!

So coming up I have a few things on the agenda.

April 4-5 Going to Missori to meet a friends family.

April 14-19 I will be in Vegas for a training conference for my new business. And I just found out my brother in law will be there the same time too, so I will get to see some family.

July 9- 12 I will be back in Canada in Thunder Bay to surprise my grandma for her 80th birthday with my brother and my dad!

July 24- 27 NEW YORK CITY!! My of my dear friends is getting married and we are having her bacholorette in NYC!!

August 27 - 29 The hubby and I will be in Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia for my friends wedding and we will be stopping in my home town to visit at the same time but dates are not confirmed yet.



GERBEN said...

WOW! You will be doing some major traveling won't you girl? Sounds like fun. Take lots of pictures OK? Because I want to see!!

Dixie said...

Dang! I need to get away. Think you can sneak me in a bag or sum'pin?

You can get an inversion table (Teeter brand) on eBay for $300 free shipping. I'm looking at it long term. Shot in back = $30 (copay) a pop. Lately I've been needing a shot every 3 to 4 weeks. Say I get one every month, that's $360 a year for the injections. Spend $300, no more shots AND no surgery? I'm sold too!!

GirlyFruFru said...
you might want to check this out..

Anonymous said...

I don't think my next traveling of any sort is until July, when I go to the beach. I'm already ready to go.

Magnolia Sun said...

Did you ever get the "swap" box I sent you?

Random Musings said...

Gerben- I always do.. lol Much to the amusement of my readers!

Dixie- Sorry hun, too many shoes gotta go too!

Girly- I am on it. and you are my new BFF.

COTW- I am ready for beach too.. Maybe I can fit one in there.

Magnolia- Yes I did. I will post soon!!

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