Saturday, March 28, 2009

The new digs??

I have been wanting a new blog look for awhile.

And well this is an adjustment. I wish I knew how to make a pretty blog. **sigh** I miss my pretty blog that was "rudely" removed as the person who designed it for me removed their site.

I want a shoe themed blog... Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Did you just pick a new template, and does it transfer all your old stuff over if you do?

Anonymous said...

I just came apon your blog and I thought it was so pretty!!

Random Musings said...

COTW- So I have done some exploring with this. I have lost ALL MY LINKS the first time I did this. For this change all I did was add HTML code and poof pretty blog.. And nothing else changes.

Ano- Welcome hope you come back..

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