Thursday, March 05, 2009

Almost famous???

So I received this comment on my blog:

Blogger Pink Sneakers said...


I read one of your posts from a while ago that said you are a clothes and shoe hoarder! :)

I work for a production company and we are doing a show on people with tons and tons of stuff, like clothes and shoes, and I was wondering if you would be interested in talking to me about possibly being a part of the show? My email is "...", please email me asap if you might be interested!


2:49 PM

So I did a little research and PINK SNEAKERS

It is a HUGE production company the do True Life for MTV, Hogan knows best, Cribs.

I think its kind of funny. I have seen shows about hoarders and I would like to think I am not one of them. I mean LOTS of people have lots of shoes? No?


Anonymous said...

umm.. do they? I mean I love your shoe collection Random, for sure, but I only own about 12 pairs of shoes or so. Fairly average me thinks?
Handbags however... that's another story ;)

GERBEN said...

LOL, I guess I never thought of you as a hoarder! You just really LOVE shoes! And I must say, I have seen a couple of pair that you own that I would totally lust after! TOO CUTE!

So? Are you going to contact her?

Trixie said...

But....that would mean unpacking EVERYTHING!!! Or have you already unpacked all your shoes?

Exactly how many pairs of shoes DO you own, out of curiosity?

"M" said...

I thought everyone has a ton of shoes! :-)

Magnolia Sun said...

Did you respond to the email? I don't your a hoader - I don't have many shoes becaue of my narrow feet and the refusal to pay high prices. If I could wear normal shoes I would have a lot too.

ally said...

w00t! -=)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Life- Yeah I think I won a little over 12 pairs... but A LOT

gerben- Yes I emailed her, so we will see. I too do not really "think" I hoard shoes. But is that not denial?

trixie- Not sure. I think I will count. And yes all my shoes are unpacked... one of the first things I They had to get air!

M- Me too : )

Magnolia- Thanks for the support. I think it would be different if I NEVER threw any away? Maybe?

Ally- Yeah I think its pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

How many do you mean by "lots"?

AM said...

I might own 6 pairs of shoes. So comparatively.... :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

COTW- If you go through the archives under shoes.. Umm yeah lots.

AM- I know. I know. Its a sickness... I almost bought another pair today.. but they did not have my size.. annndd the other pair made my feet look too small...

GERBEN said...

ROFL! Made your feet look TOO small?!? How is that even possible?

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