Monday, April 20, 2009

SO I know it will be tough not to be SUPER JEALOUS!!

Full recap to come....

But for starters we saw.... David Cassidy (to be honest I had no idea who he was or is and I did not know ANY of his songs) Which I am told just means I am too young!

And then YES THIS IS DAVID COOK!!! For those just joining I am a HUGE American idol fan. And YES he is as fabulous in person as on TV!! No worries I got some video coming for y'all to see. And YES I did scream my head off for him. He was amazing!

And we did lots of this.. When time permitted!! It was such a FABULOUS time, I learned so many new things and I will be ready to tell y'all about my new business as soon as I do up my post!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Cassidy!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous...and I'm not even kidding!

Random Musings said...

Crazy- I still do not even know who he

Magnolia Sun said...

You are just too young. Ever hear of the Partridge Family? He played in that. I'm old enough because I had his and Donny Osmond's pictures all over my bedroom.

kristie said...

for reals you don't know who david cassidy is??? i'm quite sure his brother was shaun cassidy...ring any bells????

Unknown said...


Lisa said...

hahah I was a HUGE David Cassidy fan back in the day (I'm old, I know) and am HUGE David Cook fan now so I totally would have 'ploded to see both of them on a stage. LOL

Nice pic of Cookie, btw.

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