Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My new business!!!

So y'all have been waiting to here about what I was up to? Well I am happy to report I have become an independent consultant for Arbonne International!!!

And I could not be more EXCITED!!! Everything the company offers, the products, the fact that "I" get to help people achieve their own financial freedom.

It continues to surprise me and to excite me. The support. The training. The most amazing women that I have met. The opportunity to build my OWN business. In my own time. (which lets be honest will be pretty darn quick, I qualified for district manager after 2 WEEKS!!!)

The trip to Vegas is done every year by Arbonne. It was called NTC which is Arbonne's National Training Conference. It was 3 days packed full of training. Seminars. Product knowledge and New Product launch. David Cassidy and David Cook both preformed at our closing ceremonies.

Just to give you a look at 9000 of my closest friends!!

In front of the main stage. This week taught me so much!!

I am so excited to get going!!!! I actually attending a training tonight and Valerie Edwards who is one of our National Vice Presidents says she makes more money in a single month than some with a masters degree makes in a WHOLE YEAR!!

Hard to believe? Its public information on the Arbonne site. You MAKE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!! Now I am not going to lie. Its going to be hard work and there are no get rich quick gimmicks. The company really sets you up for success, your welcome pac comes with EVERYTHING you need to start your business!

Arbonne has been around for 29 years. They have AMAZING health and wellness products specializing in Anti aging skin care. I challege you to google "Network Marketing"

All I need is you!!

So what does this mean to my faith full blog readers!!!

GIVEAWAY!!!! So I am putting together a FABULOUS basket of fun skincare and health care stuff and I will be giving away a package next month!! I know y'all love free stuff so I will have to be creative on how I give it all away!! My FAVORITE products is the RE9 line.

Have you heard of Arbonne? If you would like to hear about the business opportunity or just to order product. Any questions? Good or bad feedback?

Let me know!!



Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That sounds so exciting! I'm sure it'll be great and do well!

Dixie said...


Good luck girl!! I'm excited for you! Love how enthusiastic you are about it!

I've been trying to find something I could do from home too. I was thinking pet sitter, with a twist. But in this economy, I'm not so sure about it. I don't know what to do.

Random Musings said...

Crazy- Thanks I am REALLY excited!!

Dixie- Email me your address. No commitments I will send you a package of goodies to try. I swear once you try the products you will believe! Where else can 2 hours of your time make you $350?

Trixie said...

Good luck with it all mate. I've been there and done that with similar companies in Oz. Wishing you all the best!

Random Musings said...

Trixie- Arbonne just launched in the UK!! I should send you some stuff!!

GERBEN said...

LOL, girl you sound sooooo excited!! Good luck and you know I'll be cheering for ya!!

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