Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interesting phone call!

The manager from The incident at The Cheesecake Factory called me to "apologize" for us having such a horrible dinning experience. (ok so I may have sent a little email when we got home)

He says that they have taken care of the situation promptly at 6am this morning and had contractors come in to clean all the gum off from under the tables. This has also been discussed in detail with all the managers and "gum removal will be added to daily side work"

He apologized that this was an over site on their behalf because cleanliness blah, blah, blah. He went on for some time.

Its still gross and disgusting that this happened. I had also added the restrooms to my email because they were pretty gross and disgusting too. And he says they pulled the log for that day because restrooms are to be cleaned every 15 minutes and it was not complete and he was very sorry blah, blah.

So he is sending us something in the mail "to make up" for the over site on the restaurants behalf and would like us to come back ,and when we do to call ahead so he can make sure we have the best server and service the cheesecake factory has to offer.

Umm some how for me this is not going to do it? I mean I will certainly use my gift card, or whatever he is sending but you have to know the first thing I am going to do is look under the table!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Plus too they may send you a card, so they know who you are when you come in. It might not be a typical gift card....I had this happen once when I got bad food poisoning from a Subway

Teresa said...

I would go to another one lol or save the card for a gift haha I am horrible. I also wouldnt be calling ahead. That is what they do to us, the ones who complain lol, so they can have everything in order ;)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Crazy- Thats what I thought too.. Eww food poisoning!! I do love me some Subway!!

Teresa- Yes it was already pre-decided that I will not call ahead. There is no WAY I am going to give them a chance to "fluff" it all up for us... And I rarely complain so the last thing I want is the manager to keep checking with us every 5 minutes!

ally said...

i was going to say what Teresa said about not calling ahead. besides, i don't think you were complaining, you gave the server an oppty to make it right when you were in the restaurant and the server didn't.

still, i really do enjoy the Cheesecake Factory once in a while.

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