Thursday, April 02, 2009

A reflection of ones character...

So y'all know since the move I have been working full time in "the restaurant" until I can find another full time job.

Well the job hunt is not going so well. So I started my own business. And its taking up a bunch of my time BUT I AM SO EXCITED!!! I will share detail soon I promise!

So anyways I am a firm believer that you get what you put out. I mean I believe in Karma, and if you are a good person good things will come to you.

I have a pretty funny story to share.

Generally I try to be a good person. Help people when they need it. Volunteer. Work hard and ask for nothing in return.

Something happened tonight that made be question someones character. Generally I would say I am a good judge of character.

Anywhooo heres my story: We have side work at nigh to close down the restaurant. Its stuff like, stocking and breaking stuff down to be ready and clean for the morning shift.

Well I was busy cleaning and doing my side work while a co-worker was watching. I thought it strange but she just made conversation and I did my job.

Well turns out I was doing HER SIDE WORK!! AND SHE DID NOT SAY A WORD TO ME!!! It was funny because when I realized my error I went to her and said "You let me do all of your sidework while you watched and you did not say ANYTHING??"

She looked away and would not say anything. She could not look me in the face. No even a smile or a thank you or anything!.... So I went about and did the actual side work I was supposed to do (adding 15 minutes to my time at work)

And I laughed it off.. But it certainly makes me think different of this person...


Dixie said...

I would have gone to whomever was in charge of doling out the sidework and told them the mistake you made and that it would only be fair if this lazy heiffer did your sidework! Of course, I would have put it more diplomatically!


Here is a link to the budgeting software that I have fallen in love with! It makes it all soooo easy and even has pie charts and shit to show you where you spend most of your money. Deffinately makes you think before buying that cup of French Vanilla Cappucino!!

Random Musings said...

Dixie- I did "try" to resolve it with her but she kept running from me, I was thinking I did her side work so we would just trade? Nope. But the closer made her clean toilets before she left so I was satisfied!!

The Mrs. said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be back to yours : )

People never cease to amaze me, especially the ease at which they disregard saying THANK YOU! Or speaking up to let you know your doing their work.

and your comment on my page, you are right, I am very thankful to be yaking since it means I'm still pregnant. But does it have to last this long? : )

Trixie said...

OMG, I can't believe she did that! I would have let you do it...then laughed at you...then helped you do yours! What a weirdo. Can't wait to here about your business venture!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear about the business.

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