Saturday, April 05, 2008

So boring!

So it turns out when I had my template done previously there "could have been code" which linked to something that is no longer there?

Make sense? Nope not to me either, just that WHATEVER happened I no longer have a cute blog... So I am shopping around. I am also working on my "Shoe blog" which I am VERY excited about, when the new digs are open I will have y'all come by and throw up at how many pairs of shoes I have.

In other news. I AM PISSED at a girlfriend of mine right now and I just can not let it go. Ok give me your opinions.

We went out to the bar, there were 3 of us, We drank had a good time and agreed that we would take a cab home because it was OBVIOUS none of us were going to be in the condition to drive. Anyways, night goes on, dancing, drinking and then BITCH LEFT US AT THE BAR!!! The 3rd girl that went totally uped without saying anything to anyone and left.

In all my years of parting I HAVE NEVER left a friend at the bar. 1. Without saying something 2. Without making sure all parties had a SAFE way home 3. SHE WAS WAY TO DRUNK TO DRIVE but did it anyways. She had all of 2nd girls house keys, money ect in her purse so not only did she SHAFT at the bar we had to go to her house to get 2nd girls stuff.
If this was the first time this happened I would not have such a big issue, but this time was HUGE, 1. She drove drunk. Like REALLY drunk. 2. This is not the first time. 3. The bar is the size of my bathroom and SHE NEVER came to find us on the dance floor. 4. She never called to say she left. 5. She could have been drugged and dragged off but because this was not the first time I "knew" she just left.

I am so pissed! It just really bugs me because I am the type of person and if you are my friend you KNOW that I would sit outside that bar until all the lights were out and the bar staff was LEAVING before I left without EVERYONE I came with..... Also the first (and second) time this happened I MADE SURE to express my concerns with my friend about how angry I was. I mean the first time SHE LEFT ME ALONE!!! BY MY FUCKING SELF in a bar, in a strange town with no one else in the place that I knew. Second time she left for a boy but I knew people there.
And then this time. And I know I am quick to forgive but not this time.

Oh and I changed my Facebook status to Random is PISSED!!!
And now hers says Girl 3 is feeling bad...i was a bad friend last night...

I am so upset and disappointed that I can not even see straight


Patty said...

Don't be pissed at me for being a mom right now, but you know that once you are drunk, especially, really, really, drunk you are not capable of making good decisions.

Not that this lets her off the hook, but it is a fact. If you decide to party with her again, tie her damn leg to the table or something (They do make really long leashes) so she can pull this crap again.

Patty said...

Of course I meant CAN'T not can in the above comment.

whimsical brainpan said...

Blogger rarely makes sense.

Yeah, I think I'd be pissed too if a friend did that to me.

T's Pink Gloves said...

Sorry drunk is never an excuse! I have been shitfaced beyond oblivion too many times to count and I have NEVER, EVER done this once let alone three times!!! Safety is of most importance when out with friends and when one does not understand that, one does not deserve to be apart of it!

I would NEVER party with her again and to be honest she would turn into an aquaintance. She obviously has some things she needs to work out, one of them being maturity and the other how to be friend!!!! Sorry but cut your losses, there are many more people out there who would be more then willing to hang with you and act responsibly... allowing you to have a MUCH better time!! Hard to do but that is the facts, if you can not respect me with common curtosy then there is not future for us!

Dixie said...

I'm not one to talk. I drove home too drunk once also. That wasn't the really big problem The really big problem with what I did was, I stole the car I drove home in. But I was soooo shitfaced, I don't remember any of it. Thank the sweet baby Jesus that the car I stole belonged to a friend and he didn't press charges. He actually told the police that he "forgot" that he told me I could borrow it.

I have never since that night driven after drinking again.

lifeshouldbestereo said...

I get it Random. I would be annoyed too. That's just not on, not what I would call a friend.
You need to bring this up with her.

Magnolia Sun said...

You have a right to be pissed, it's an unwritten rule you don't leave your girlfriends in bars - maybe that rule applies to just us! Take your car next time she does with yall.

ally said...

your friend is living dangerously. i don't want to get naggy, but, why potentially get hurt when one can prevent it? maybe, she understands this time around? hope so.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Patty- NO MATTER how drunk I get I do not think it is EVER an excuse. EVER.

Whim- I can not even see straight I am so mad

T- Thanks for the support that is also what I am thinking. Its been 3 days and after I never responded to text messages I would "think" that if she valued my friendship she would call to appologize at least? Say out loud she is sorry AGAIN for doing this.. As far as I am concerned no loss for me. Really. And I take my friendships VERY seriously. Its not worth it to me that she would not even CALL TO SAY SORRY? GOes to shoe home immature she really is.

Dixie- Lesson learned

Dee- I will when I see her again, I am still waiting to see if she will actually have the balls to call. 3 days and still nothing. I may just drop her shit off at her doorway

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