Monday, April 14, 2008

Good thoughts, good thoughts

Things going on in my head at the moment.

1. What did I EVER do without DVR. Serious. I have no idea. Its so bad that I even WAIT for shows to be over to watch them only for the sole purpose of fast forwarding the commercials.

2. I am SO excited about all the new movies coming out. Baby Mama, Maid of Honor,

Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Iron Man. I know, I know, one of these things just does not belong there....I have weird tastes what can I say? Oh and Juno is out on Video tomorrow how exciting is that.. And NO I have not seen it yet

3. My girls trip to Vegas is fast approaching and I NEED to get serious about this bikini thing, that or its going to look pretty fabulous on someone OTHER than me..... Anyone know where I could get a cute one piece? Snow suit maybe?

4. I am sick. Like green boogies, coughing and hacking sick. But the good news is the weather has FINALLY made up its mind and its getting nice out. That and I have managed to get sick on my days off which is GREAT news that way I am not missing any work. Its the stupid weather change crap that made me sick. Damn mother nature.

And I am trying to send GOOD thoughts to Matt. They lost the baby. I held him for a bit while he cried at work and tried to put a good spin on it. Her body was not ready for a child. Now they have time for her to finish high school, him finish college they have many YEARS to have babies, I told him it was in Gods hands, if you believe or not it was gods choice to not bring that baby into this world. The baby was not ready. They are not ready. There is nothing you can really say to console someone who has lost a child and my heart aches for their loss, but knowing also in my heart that she is ONLY 15 and him 19 that god has other plans for them right now......



whimsical brainpan said...

People who have DVRs are so lucky!

I'm sorry you are not feeling well and I hope the warmer weather helps you to recover more quickly.

I am so sorry for Matt and his girlfriend. 15 is so young to have a baby though!

The Real Kidd said...

I am so sorry to hear about the baby. Of course they have my thoughts and prayers at this time.

I hope you start to feel better as well. The change in weather always gets my head a little screwy too.

We have TiVo and I *HEART* it so much and totally understand the whole "wait until the show is over so we can zip pass all those commercials" thing.

Dixie said...

I soooo want a DVR!!

tag, you're it!

Magnolia Sun said...

We do the same thing with our dvr, I'd go crazy without one.

I'm so sorry they lost the baby, I too believe what you believe.

Anne said... looks super cute over here! I have to go check out bookcrossing. I use bookswim which is like netflix for books but a friend of mine uses paperback swap which sounds like a better deal.

mSjEnA said...

aww I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, I hope you get to better quickly..

Vi said...

Matt is sooo lucky to have you as a friend. You said some lovely things to him.

Oh, Made of Honor looks like anothe version of My best friends wedding. I wonder if the ending will be the same?

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