Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Extreme Couponing?

Did anyone else catch the show?

I was AMAZED and shocked that people would go on national TV and do this... I mean toilet paper for 30 years?

Now the high they talk about I know about because I did it for some time.. But I did not do it to stock pile 17 years of food in my garage I did it to donate it. And then when that failed I liquidated some of it to friends and some of it made it to the flea market.

I still will not buy it without a coupon or if its on clearance and I WISH I would have kept tabs. Actually its a new year I am going to start a spreadsheet to document the money we save.

We still get mostly everything we need for free or next to it and I feel so BLESSED to have been able to learn this and teach it to others so others can save too!

it just bugs me that of the 3 people shown only 1 of them actually talked about donation...


Frugalista said...

I only WISH I could figure out how to do it myself! Teach me your secrets! I love coupons but I never seem to have them when I need them and it seems they are never for what I actually want to got. Then they expire. I totally thought of your post from yesterday when I saw that show. He is extreme. I think he'll die before using all that stuff. It is a real talent.

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

ummm WOW. That is a TON of stuff...I need to become a coupon-er. I guess when I look at them, there just inst anything we buy.

I need to get better. I wish there was like a one hour crash course.

- the MRS.
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