Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The nerve of some people!

Where does the time go?

I have been such a bad blogger! I have been peaking in here and there but as for posts from me I have slacked a little.

Do y'all go through that? Where you have so much to say but can never really muster up the energy to say it?

I have 1/2 a day off today which means I have to work 1 of my 2 jobs today. Its getting so tiring and exhausting it seems, putting in ALL these hours and it seems we can just not get any further ahead?

Friday I have a day off and I am going to pack up all my coupon stuff I have acquired (with the help of the hubs) and take it to the flea market!

I am so exciting to get rid of most of this stuff. I never thought trying to "give it away" or "donate" it would be such a hassle.

Really I started couponing as a way to help others (and our pocket books) and its a funny hobby. Well one of the places I brought a HUGE amount of shampoo and conditioner and body wash to, I checked in to see how they were doing....


I donate this stuff (they happen to be a food cupboard) so that they could GIVE IT AWAY to people who needed it with their food donations.

Well the lady who runs the place states "Well people take advantage of it and "claim" they need soap and shampoo and conditioner, we have to sell it so people do not just ask for it!!"

WHAT THE F!! I mean really. PEOPLE NEED THESE THINGS! They are a item that its kinda hard to live without, sort of like food and water?

SO they are off my list of places to donate and its just so frustrating to have been taken advantage of like that.

I am a little hurt.


Vi said...

It took me a bit of a struggle to read this post because I don't understand couponing or giving the stuff away afterwards as we dont do anything like it in UK/OZ.

What exactly is it all about?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

So are you going to the flea market to sell it? Or are you giving it away there?

That's odd that you donate it and then they turned around to sell it. That's some nerve!

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