Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What not to wear Wednesday!

Well as you notice I had to stop at the mall for a few items when I happened upon these 2 little dozzies. This lady (If we can call her that) is ready to drop it like it is hot at the club. I wish I was bold enough to get the front of this outfit because LET ME TELL YOU EVERYTHING WAS HANGING OUT! You could see her belly button it was that bad. And what you can not see in this picture is SHE IS WITH 2 SMALL CHILDREN! In 4 inch boots.

I think I am just going to have to get braver and WHIP out my actually camera to get better pictures.. this does not do this justice.
And then as I am getting ready to leave the mall... I walk into this fine specimen based on the clothing pajama clothing choice you would assume this LADY is about 16, 17? No?
No that's her daughter who is about 16,17 and her mother who is about 60 (no joke) must have raided her daughters closet. She is wearing about 5 layers of stuff, with a baseball cap on backwards... What you can not see in this picture is the BLUE crocks. Oh yeah
See even the other lady in the pic did a double take...


Sandy said...

Oh, I love seeing people like this. I wish I had a camera phone because I don't have the never to take pictures like this with my regular camera.

Natalie W said...

Scary!! Wish i had a camera phone too. I would have sooo many pictures! Hahahha
(* .*)Natalie

secret agent woman said...

Ah, the joy of camera phones - so many bad outfits, so little time.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, it's crazy what some people will go out in public in.

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