Friday, January 07, 2011

Chemo round 3 in the books

So I saw my own family doctor today.

Yep I have some serious stress related anxiety. And the stuff they gave me worked a little but not for sleep, so I have not been sleeping properly.

So I went back to the doctor today and got something else for the sleep. Hopefully this will help.

The hubby did round 3 of Chemo yesterday you can read about it here

And I am SUPER excited about my girls trip in Vegas in 2 weeks. I can not wait to hold my best friend in my arms!! To dance till I can not stand up anymore, to laugh till I cry and to do whatever else comes our way!

Life is good and I am thankful

1 comment:

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm keeping yall in my prayers. I'm so glad you are getting a chance to take a break in Vegas.

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