Saturday, January 08, 2011

You may be a jackass if..

Dear Lady last night:

When you act surprised when you first credit card is denied. I get it. I understand. But when you give me card number 2 and then 3 and those are also declined I tend to lose my sympathy and then when you give ME attitude and say "Well try this one then" under your breath.

Go screw yourself I am not the one with "issues" and when you ask for change for a $5 bill when your bill is over $80 and you barely paid that I am not too concerned with what you are going to leave me. I have already written you off.

And you should have kept the $2, obviously you need it more than me.

I am glad I do not have your issues.


Dear Lady at Walgreens:

I get that you may not like your job. But just because I wanted to buy something that ONE OF YOUR ASSOCIATES told me was on sale for $1.24 and I ask you why you CHANGED the price to $4.99? On your own?
And you sigh under your breath and say "That's the marked price"
And I say "The price is for what ever it is scanning for correct"
And you say "No its what ever is marked"
And I pick up a pack of gum and say "Ok where is the price on this? Or this chocolate bar?"

And then your manager explains to you that the customer gets it for whatever it scans for and YOU CAN NOT JUST CHANGE THE PRICE TO HIGHER BECAUSE YOUR AN ASSHOLE.

And yes I went got back and got more. Just to spite you.

Your an idiot

Dear Pizza Shop Owner:

I know your business sells coupons online for a fraction of what it costs. But you made that choice. And when a customer calls to see if "Because their husband has Cancer and is not supposed to be out in public places for a few days after chemo" would it be possible for me to come in and order the pizza and box it up and take it home even though the coupon says dine in? And you tell me "No"
And I say I will just come in and order in dine in then and then box it up.
And you say "No you are not allowed to take it home!"
And I plead to see if there was anyway (very nicely I may add) to make an exceptions.
And I ask that if I was coming in to use the coupon as "dine in" as it stats you would not allow me to take my left overs home?
And you say "THAT'S RIGHT!"

I hung up on you because your an idiot. And then we came into your restaurant and dined in and took our food home because we paid $2 for $25 and I wanted to use it. Even though after hearing the story my husband did not even want to go in and just "forget" the coupon.

Yes I reported you to

Not dining there anymore.

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Frugalista said...

There is some really bad customer service in this world. On the one hand I feel bad for them b/c they are probably anger and bitter but on the other that is their issue and we shouldn't have to deal with it. Hmff!

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