Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whats in your mail box?

I do love me some free stuff! Well this was all in my mail box last week and the week before!

My US magazine subscription that I used a coupon for only $4.95. I only took about a week to get my first issue! And a $10 Visa gift card from a swiffer rebate I sent in for about 6 weeks ago.
FREE chocolate!! And energy drink just for signing up!
And the MOST FABULOUS lip balm from E.O.S. Free!!

I also recieved some rebate checks too

One for $3.47 for clorox, one for $6.99 for Vitamin shampoo and one for $3.99 for something that I can not remember!

$24.45 FREE MONEY!!! I love this stuff!


GERBEN said...

LOL, you make me sick! xp But proud of you for doing so well!

secret agent woman said...

You'll like this - it's the best coupon ever: I used a coupon for cents (don't remember how much) a Toblerone candy bar. It had a place to fill in your name and address to enter you in a sweepstakes. I won it. An 8-day luxury walking tour of the Alps, with stays in all 5-star hotels and all meals. Seriously. A year after I was married, it was a far better honeymoon than the one we'd been abeltot afford as starving grad students.

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