Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hi, my name is Random and I am an addict!

I am an addict.

To coupons.

I LOVE them.. Love, love, love them. I love getting up early on Sundays (and I am a HUGE sleeper I love to sleep in.. not on Sundays) I get up and go out to buy the paper to see the new coupons.

I love getting them organized, sorted. Going through all the flyers to see the deals for the week.

Love it.

This is my overstock shelves.

Well one of them anyways... this is just the "cleaning over stock"

View on the other side.... And yeah it goes ALL the way back.. like super stuffed....
See all this stuff? Yep $8 at Kmart this week. It was double coupon week.... And I got $17 back in kmart dollars to use back in the store!

And I wend to Kmart EVERY DAY. 2 times a day, I used so many coupons this week that I think I may be couponed out a little....

And the other overstock? I have about 30 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body wash, tooth paste, and floss sitting in a box ready to head off as a donation to a church.....

This is SO addicting.. and fun.. I would be lying if I was not walking through kmart and eyeing other peoples carts and asking them if they have a coupon for that? And if they did not I gave them one and told them about the doubles!!

My name is Random and I am addicted to coupons!


New Girl on Post said...

Wow...your use of coupons is amazing! I definetly could use your advice!

The Mrs. said...

I LOVE COUPONS! I too am addicted to them, I run to get the paper on sunday and if its a good coupon week I get two or three. Especially if there are diaper coupons. I even have a special box organizer that I carry around in my car so I always have them ready to go.

I need help.

secret agent woman said...

Wow - if there is ever a nulcear armageddon, you'll be set for a while! :)

AM said...

Whoa. You are doing SO well. THat was an amazing deal! And thats a great idea to donate your extras!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

New girl- Its a time consuming venture to get started but once you are organized its so much fun!

The Mrs- You should email me at crazyrandommusings at yahoo dot ca and I can send you all my diaper stuff. I cut them in hopes of running into someone when I am shopping I just hate to throw away diaper coupons they are SO EXPENSIVE!

Secret Agent- Yeah the hubby is worried about when we buy a house! : )

AM- I heard you can use coupons overseas for up to 6 months expired for military families? Is this true and would you like to start getting all my coupons?

Meghan said...

You need to write a coupon-how to guide as that stock is just impressive!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! You've got a lot there!

Organic Meatbag said...

That is a LOT of terlet paper!

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