Friday, February 20, 2009

Gaining weight is not cool......

When you are supposed to be actively losing it!!

So I gained back one or two of the pounds I was supposed to be working on loosing. I blame the stress of the move and eating fast food for almost a week on it. Which is pretty good considering.

I lost 25 pounds last year with weight watchers and I have kept it off, but I can not seem to push past this hump.

Yes I need to start working out.

Yes I need to start watching what I eat. But when you work in a restaurant its REALLY hard to be picky about what you are eating. I mean I could eat salads every day but that is so boring when you have a plethora of yummy stuff to eat and all you have to do is imagine it.


I am taking suggestions to get moving again.... Anyone have anything that worked fabulous for them? Anything?

***side note. I gained 90 pounds when I broke my neck. I have lost 55 of that and have 40 to go to be at my weight before the accident....***


Sandy said...

Wow, that's great that you lost 25 pounds...that WW really works. I think chewing gum and drinking water helps keep your mouth and stomach from constantly craving...but I'm in no shape to give advice. I love my food. I can't imagine working in a restaurant not eating...especially if the foods available and it's good. My dream would be working at a chocolate factory like Hersey's or Kripsy Kreme!

Anonymous said...

That's funny (funny interesting, not funny ha ha) - I was just writing some stuff for a post later this week on current reseacrh in weight gain. Sadly, I think there is no magic answer.

Patty said...

How about training for another trip to South Dakota? Or any other state of your choice? I would meet you there.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Sandy- Yeah i TOO dream of chocolate.. based on the size of my ass. But I have come a long way. I lost 30 on my own before WW so I know "how" to do it.

COTW- We would make millions if we could figure it out and sell it in pill form!

Patty- You are so generous! Sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!!! Hummm.. let me check my Runners World and see which cools ones are coming up! Maybe something in driving distance of us both? Seeing how we are now closer to each other

Trixie said...

Wow....I didn't know you broke your neck! You are so lucky to be alive! I can't knock WW since I used to work for them..and lost 112lb through them...but I always struggled keeping it off. Following my own program of eating plenty of fruit,vege, meat, poultry, fish, rice, pasta, crispbreads, pulses, cereals, till I'm full, works for me. Avoid chocolate, crisps, bread, oils, cheese, alcohol *cough* keeps the weight off.

Basic shit really, which you already know. It's the willpower that will make you successful. Good luck!

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