Saturday, February 14, 2009

A bloggy Giveaway!!

So you all know I love me some shoes!! Well MONTHS ago I found this fabulous calendar and I bought out the store. There were only 2 left. So I figured I would buy both and then figure out who to send it to for Christmas.

Well turns out it was never sent to anyone... And its laying around. And its February 15, and well the year is almost over... Soooo without further adieu...

I am giving away this FABULOUS calendar... Oh and a little something extra in a care package that will have to be a surprise..... Who does not LOVE surprises??

Much to the husbands torture, I have hung mine in the kitchen. Naturally because the bedroom is already overflowing with shoes and I constant reminder of how much I love shoes!
All you need to do is leave a comment and I will draw a winner on Tuesday Feb 17 @ 7pm central time....

And if you like I added a new gadget to "Follow me Please" ***points to the side bar*** and I would LOVE to have followers.. Cause I am needy like that!!

And EVERY comment gets an entry!! So start commenting. You could tell me about your favorite pair of shoes? What color? Funny shoe stories? Do you have bedroom shoes?**snicker** or just say "Me again"



Magnolia Sun said...

The calendar is so perfect for you. Throw my name in the hat.

GERBEN said...

Well you don't have to add my name to the giveaway because you already sent me such a wonderful gift box a few months back! You are so awesome!

I do want to comment one thing. I AM A FOLLOWER! YAY!!

Patty said...

I am not sure it would be a good idea to have the calendar in my house. It would (1) make me drool every time I walked past it, and (2) possibly have me spending all my time on the internet trying to locate the current object of my affection on the calendar.

That being said, I love it, and the fact that your hubby allows it in the kitchen. That man is good to you!

"M" said...

Please include me in the give-a-way! I do love my bedroom shoes too!

GirlyFruFru said...

Eww Ewww I want it .. That calendar is so FABBY!!! I love it

Anonymous said...

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