Saturday, July 05, 2008

Did you say pictures?

So I have been a very busy bee.
With stuff going on in the personal life (no worries everything is fine) working 2 jobs and the hubby FINALLY being home until August I have let blogging slide.

But I am back, and I will be posting on a more regular schedule moving forward.. and catching up on blogs because I have been a bad blogger... So for my 3.5 readers.. without further adu

This is what I have been up to... A friend that I previously worked with asked me to do some boudoir photos of her for a grooms gift. Her hubby is a mechanic and everyone has girly posters hanging up in their "offices" and she wanted to do a fun calender for him, and seeing how when we worked together I was always talking about how much I love to take pictures ect. ect. She thought of me.
Here are a few that made it (that I can actually post..ha ha)

It was a very impromtu session if you can call it that, so the lighting and "props" so to speak were a but meager, I would have LOVED to have done something a little bit more staged but I was pleased with the end results...
This one is one of my favs!! What guy does not love a girl in his favorite teams jersey??

And then my friend Kelli and I went to her wedding... And to put it nicely we were a bit overdressed for the occasion...
The bride was BEAUTIFUL!!

(thats Kelli at the top and me on the bottom...for a limited time only....)

The bride's son walked her down the isle and gave her away it was so precious!


Magnolia Sun said...

Great pictures and such a pretty bride.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures.. love the calendar idea.. bet he loved it!

mSjEnA said...

What a great Idea.. Love the pictures

whimsical brainpan said...

What a great idea and gift for the groom! I bet he was thrilled.

Midnight said...

You are spot on about men liking to see their girls in their fave sports team's colours! Excellent choice!

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