Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Conversations with the hubby

Story 1:

Me "Hey babe, can you put the laundry from the washer into the dryer? I am too lazy to get out of bed"

Hubby "Sure..... (moments pass) Umm should I hang up this bra for you? So as to not leave you with any more blog materials about how I ruin your shit?"

Story 2:

Hubby "Have you seen that guy at the PT job that you had a run in with?"

Me "Yeah we worked together the other night, you would have been proud of me?"

Hubby "For what?"

Me "Well he asked for help? And the 5 year old in me wanted to rub it in his face that he was a horrible server and he sucked blah, blah but I took the high road. I did what he asked for help with and said nothing more"

Hubby "Wow babe, why did he ask for help?"

Me "Cause he was in the weeds"

Hubby "In the weeds... is that some term you made up? Or is it something known between servers?"

Me "All servers know that term, why would you think I made it up?"

Hubby *snickers* "So if I walked into a restaurant and a server was busy and I asked "Are you in the weeds" they would know what I was talking about?"

Me "YES, they would.. ha ha.. I am going to google it! See In the weeds is on Wikipedia"

Hubby "Just cause its on Wikipedia does not mean its common restaurant verbiage!"

Me "Oh I am SO going to blog about this!"


Trixie said...

Please don't make me google what 'in the weeds'mean.

What does it mean? Over his head?

Anonymous said...

"In the weeds" is the most common restaurant/server verbiage I know.

Ahh.. I do not miss being a waitress.

Then again, the restaurant I worked at sucked.

Dixie said...

I thought every one know what "in the weeds" meant.

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