Saturday, July 19, 2008

Did I ever tell you something?

I NEVER clean.

Well its not that I NEVER clean, its just when choosing a husband I seemed to have scored the lottery in husband choosing and HE DOES ALL THE CLEANING!!


Vacuums. Baseboards the whole 9 yards.

Oh and he is GOOD... VERY GOOD. He has however been banned from laundry and dishes. Well dishes he WILL NOT DO!! He would eat off of paper plates and forks if we had them in the house. He HATES dishes. And I volunteered to do laundry after a little incident with my bras (what with DD those bitches need to be cleaned properly as to avoid have to spend a million dollars to get new ones that fit again)

It is so seldom that I am even aloud to clean (I do not do it to his specifications) I fought for the right to clean the house today.

Yep and I won.

So what does the wife of the cleaner do on the day she agreed to clean the whole house while the hubby it out.

She sleeps till 7pm!! WTF people. Serious I can not go out and party like I used to...

Off to clean I go!! Oh and the other day the hubby was talking about how he would LOVE a Dyson and I agreed it would be nice and the conversation went like this

Hubby"Babe, we should get a Dyson"

Me "Oh thats a good idea, but $500 for a vacume cleaner? We should wait until we buy our house"

Hubby "It sure would be nice is all I am saying"

Me "Well we have out 5 year anniversary coming up, how about we buy it as a "couples" gift for ourselves!"

Hubby "Babe, serious when are YOU ever going to use it"



mSjEnA said...

wow, you're lucky to have the cleaning husband. 500.00 for a vacuum cleaner ?!

whimsical brainpan said...

Does your husband have a brother who likes to clean and cook?

Nah, the world would implode if there was a guy like that out there. ;-)

Midnight said...

When I was married I just made sure that the first time I was asked to do jobs that I hated, I made a total mess of them. I didn't get asked again.

So all I tended to do was the cooking, which works for me!

Tazeen said...

your husband sounds cute

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