Monday, August 06, 2007

Started my new job tonight.. well sort of

So yeah I went in @ 5:15 as requested.
There were 5 different people trying to get my stuff into the computer so I could start. And let me just explain the "caliber" of employees here in good old Wyoming. Well lets just say its a VERY small town. And no offense to anyone who lives here or knows anyone who lives here or wants to live here..... well anyways.
They could not get me into the system and have to wait till tomorrow till the "big" manager is in in order for me to get into the system.
So I asked if there was anything I could do, maybe read some manuals or something and the lady said "no" because I am not in the system they can not have me in the store.

"Oh so you want me to leave?"

"Yeah you'll have to then we will have the "big" manager call you tomorrow"

"Ok no problem but you do know legally you need to pay me for 3 hours?"

Blink, blink (picture a dear in headlights) "Oh, how would you know that?? I will have to talk to the "big" manager about that"

So I skipped away leaving the dear in headlights sitting there ponder that even before my information is in the system I am telling her they owe me for 3 hours.

I can be SUCH a bitch some times


AM said...

That's Damn right! You tell em!

laluna said...

Awesome! LOL! I can SOOOOO relate. It's a big culture shock going from working in LA (or any big city) to a small town. The work ethic is different, the profit motive is just non-existent...people aren't as educated or as motivated to achieve success on the job. At least you didn't go to a gov't job - that's what I did - go from big city private industry to small town gov't. HUGE job culture shock!

It's ok to be a bitch (in my book) - they need you!

laluna said...

Looking at my comment, it seems kinda bitchy - there are definitely exceptions in small towns, so I want to backtrack and not generalize so much. There are definitely educated, motivated people in small towns...they just aren't the norm! And there are really uneducated, unmotivated people in big cities too!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

They told you to come to work. It's not your fault they couldn't "get you in the system."

Stand your ground. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Patty said...

That's why I love you so much...While you could be a bitch ALL of the time, you save it for when it is important. The only thing I wish is you would have had your camera with you and had snapped a picture of the deer for our enjoyment!

T-girl said...

Hey, don't worry Yakima, I live in small town also in your same area of the world and I have to tell you.... it is a breed all of it's own. I am finding many are motivated by the fact of their own personal worth. If it is in their interest then they are very motivated, if not then they will get to it eventually...maybe. In a nutshell most of them can tell you more then you EVER wanted to know about "John" and his tramp of a wife then they can about thier damn job. It is a different breed that is for sure!

Random- you will get use to it eventually. Until then just take deep breaths and think "peaceful thoughts!" LOL

Dixie said...

Sounds like you are going to have so much fun working with them!

Can't wait to hear the stories!

Anonymous said...

you weren't being a bitch. you were standing up for your nice shoes no doubt.

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