Thursday, August 02, 2007

So I got a part time job!!

I walked into my interview and literally the gentleman asked me when I could start and what "position" would I like? Serious. He then went on to explain that although I have tonnes of experience he understands that my primary job takes priority over my part time job and blah blah blah he started me at the HIGHEST amount he could and promised a raise in 90 days. Oh and I can have as much time off as I need (for my marathons) and he was going to use me and all my experience all over the WEEHOOO I have a part time job!! And I am kind of excited about it and I have been busily spending my new found earnings.

These are all so cute!!!

Which ones should I get first??? Ha ha.. and you thought my shoe thing was bad before?? But I will be also spending some hard earned cash on some bills and some stuff for my running and some surprise gifts for the hubby because y'all know how I LOVE to put together care packages...


Anonymous said...

Buy the last pair they are great!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Congratulations on the job! Isn't it great when people appreciate and respect your accomplishmens?

Well done.

Dixie said...

The first ones! Buy the first ones! And then put them in a care package to me! Mkay??

Dixie said...

Oh and congrats on the job!

Gah, I got all excited about them shoes and fergot!

Patty said...

Oh definitely the second, flowerd pair. And buy then a bit big so I can borrow them. K?

Cold Hands said...

I have been looking at the Betsey Johnsons in the 1st picture for a few weeks now... get those!!!

madhu said...

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