Friday, August 10, 2007


Well there was some bad news running up to the good news so I am going to keep that a secret but the great news is.


Oh and more great news!! I AM THE MATRON OF HONOR!!!

Can I tell you how excited I am!! And to give you a little back story on my dear friend Jessica she is the kind of person who always told me "I will never get married" oh and " I will never have babies" Well now shes GETTING MARRIED AND GOING TO TRY HAVING BABIES!!!

I am so EXCITED for her that shes happy and finally after kissing a few frogs has found "the one"

Oh and this is SORT of what our bridesmaid dresses will look like the top look the same but they will be cute little short dresses the site it was posted on would not let me steal it (these are COMPLETELY stolen from D*vids BR*dal .... She is torn between Pink and Red and I am PUSHING for the Red because its her favorite color (I mean which ever she chooses I can WORK either color and hey NEW SHOES!)
But I LOVE the dress style. What do you think? Red or Pink?

*** added note there are sure some UGLY ass wedding party shoes on that site. I mean I understand the need to be "practical" but I am not 80***


Jonathan said...

I do not know fashion but I like the red.

I was Best Man in a wedding a few years back, whoa, 5 years, wow time flies. I will never forget it, we all had a great time as I sure you all will as well.

Mermaid Melanie said...

Red. yes red. When is the wedding? if its fall? red. If its spring? pink. but a good shade of pink. not pepto bismal... blech

Sandy said...

I think the red must show us the shoes when you get them.

Ally said...

red, red, red! i think this dress is pretty in red.

Patty said...

RED. Definitely red...Though now that I think of it I might be a bit biased as I had pink for my first wedding and the fact that I number my weddings one can tell marriage one didn't turn out too well. I guess I can't really blame it on the color of the dresses, but why take a chance? Plus one can wear red shoes with many more things than pink shoes. See? I can be practical!

Southern (in)Sanity said...


Vi said...

Another red vote!!!!

Dixie said...

Definitely red!

OH the shoes! You must show the shoes you get!

Magnolia Sun said...

RED, the dress is very pretty not like typical bridesmaid dresses. Can't wait to see the shoes you get. Congrats to your friend too.

Mummy said...

Both are beautiful, but i really liked the pink, but i think thats just the model's colouring. Red is probably better to cover all the bridesmaids skin/hair colours.

oo, look at me, so logical.

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