Thursday, November 12, 2009

Need your help!

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While I was shopping at Target and pushing my cart with my biggest haul ever through the store, a lady stopped me to ask me about my coupons.

I gave her my business card and since then she has emailed me about my "rates" because she would like a one on one lesson?

What do I do? I mean what do you charge for this? I will be doing free classes at a church and I was thinking about doing it by "donation only" and then donate the donations?

What do you think? And what would you charge for your time?

Also here are SOME MORE of my favorite things being added to the GIVEAWAY!

Have you seen these out yet?? They are YUMMY peppermint crush?? When you see it smell it ITS FABULOUS!!

And also these? They are SO expensive but I got these for a steal and the scents are AMAZING!!!

This package is going to be SO BIG I am so EXCITED!!


Sara said...

I think she would appreciate a "by donation only" charge fee. Most people would, I think, and it seems she's interested enough to pay you so she'll probably pay well.

I have been wanting to pick up a glad candle for a while now. I hope I win!

Kat said...

A by donation sounds like the way to go. I think people are sometimes more generous that way that a standard fee.

Jessica said...

I'm going to disagree. I like that you do it free for churches, but I think it's a little different when someone scopes you out for personal lessons.
I'm sure she would pay you even if you did say "donations only", but I'd go ahead and charge for it. You're taking your time to do this and you never know what you might be able to make out of it. You can still donate the money..

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