Saturday, November 28, 2009

If I find you I WILL KILL YOU!!

Ok maybe a bit rash.

My debit card has been compromised.

Yep some fucker, some how got my bank card info AND HAS BEEN SHOPPING ONLINE!!!

And the scary thing? They have my address too.

Oh and my bank card? Yep sitting nestled in my wallet!!!!

Yep they got online set up a fake paypal account with my address and bank card information and ORDERED PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT!

I am one of those crazy people who checks my account about 3 times a day. Maybe in hopes that a million dollars will soon appear? Maybe I am just strange?

Anyways, when I logged in last night my account BALANCE WAS IN RED!! I may have blushed a little because I have NEVER seen that... And then I went in to see what overdrew my account?

Yeah PISSED OFF is not the right way to say the way I was feeling. I called the bank, they said because the transactions were pending they could not do anything I had to call the vendor.

So I call paypal they "freeze" the false account set up in my name and are in the process of sending me information to sigh and send back, and affidavit declaring I did not make this purchase.

And now I have to wait 7-10 days for a new bank card. What a mess!! They said at this time of year they have no idea how these criminals get all this information but its really scary they had a different mailing address then billing address (which was not mine) but paypal will not give me the information....

Ugg SO FRUSTRATING!! Has this happened to anyone else?


Steph said...

I would probably KILL if this happened to us. Well not literally but I would be very angry.

ally said...

* you should probably request credit reports run (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) to see if there are any other weird things going on (this is more towards credit cards and loans).
* this is totally scary and crappy. i'm sorry this happened to you.

hmb said...

My bank acct information was compromised not once but three times when I was a tad younger. Someone made a donation of 500$ to the red cross after hurricane katrina. nice, right? imagine how much of a bitch I was to call the bank and say 'ummm....i would LOVE to help that much but I can't!".....sigh.

New Girl on Post said...

That's awful! I wonder how they got that info?!

Someone tried to hack my Paypal account before, but they put a freeze on it so nothing disappeared.

Hope you get this figured out!

Abbie said...

Oh my god that is awful! That is probably my worst nightmare come true! Ditto ally, I would definitely check in with all of the credit companies to makes sure there aren't any other discrepancies.

You poor thing! I hope this gets straightened out and the person responsible for it gets what's coming to them!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I had this happen once when I came back from being in Europe. It was awful! I'm sorry this happened! But at least you caught it before they got the stuff!

secret agent woman said...

I had a freeze placed on my acount when it was compromised, and paypal actually did that on their own. I'm not sure when I owuld have noticed. It's my biggest fear about shoppinng with credit cards, although it hasn't stopped me.

Meghan said...

Ohmigosh that is horrible, I'm so sorry you have to go through with this. I don't have paypal cause I'm freaked out for this exact reason.

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