Thursday, August 06, 2009

You may be a jackass if...

Open letters to the jackasses I have encountered in the last 2 days!

*** warning lots of bad words are going to be used!**

Dear Jackass #1:

You are a loser. The fact that you came out to dinner and left YOUR FU*KING NEEDLE, yes people a FUCKING NEEDLE on the table for the poor unsuspecting bus boy to STAB his finger on when he does not expect a fucking needle to be on the table and it impales into his finger.
Your an asshole.
You have NO CLASS and you should be shot. Really taken out into a field and shot (ok maybe not for real but SERIOUSLY!)
How do you do that? This poor man who has a family and 3 children then needed to be rushed to the hospital for rounds of SHOTS that he will have to have done every 3 weeks for the next 6 months. Not to mention the blood screening because all "diseases" can not be detected for weeks or months to come.
Its really scary.
Your a fucking asshole.

Dear Jackass #2:

Who goes out for dinner and then just announces when the bill comes "We are not paying that" Yep just like that. Ok I get that you are rather scary looking. And you probably get away with this every where you go. But you are a criminal. You ordered the food. You ate the food. You can not just, not pay. Well yes you can. And you did.

You are an asshole. I will not even get into the inner conflict I had that you HAD A FUCKING CHILD WITH YOU, and you refused to pay. I mean I guess you could have just walked out, but instead you made a sport of it. Asked for a manager and then also told them you were not going to pay. Yep. Did we call the police? Nope, because my manager (and I sort of agree) values his life more than your $30 meals. That you ate. And then just did not pay.

Your an asshole. And I pray for your child that they will know right from wrong and never grow up as an example that you have set.

Dear Jackass #3

Your an idiot. You let your child throw a rock through a plate glass window and then do not even come forward to report it. Nope you let the other children turn him in.

I mean really? You WITNESSED him do it. Did you not think that the parents in our building would not rat you out when their children were accused? They do live in our building so the assumption would be that they did it? I mean they are obnoxious and loud but they know right from wrong.

Your a jackass. Get some class.

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Adorably Distracted... said...

wow it seems like you have had some pretty shitty tables! sorry :-( I hope it gets better!

Mrs R said...

Assholes!!! I can't stand them either.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, that's really scary about the needle. I hope you guys know the person's name.

secret agent woman said...

Whoa! The needle one is frightening, and did you call the police on Jackass 2?

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