Thursday, February 28, 2008

UGGG.. Still so undecided!!!

So the plot thickens.
This will be a long one hope you are comfortable....

So they offer me the job. And I took the husbands advice and I accept. I figure its a great company, they obviously value me and well; I really do not want to look for a new job.

I was all excited a memo went out that I would be resuming my new position on Monday, I was finishing up all the stuff that needed to be done (the best that I could) and then I get called into my managers office, with my soon to be new manager.
Its all laid out. Basically my new manager did not have authorization to send out the memo and was "getting ahead of himself" and I was told, although I have been offered the position and they "are excited" that I am staying they need to "work out" the logistics of what it is going to take for me to move into my new role.

Me **blink**blink** I am so fucking mad at this point I can not see.

I smile and say I understand and ask to be excused.. I am flipping mad and I did not want to say anything I would regret. I am not one that is much for conflict and I needed to get my head around what "work out" meant.

So I went to my bosses boss. I know a little shady but I wanted clarification and to make sure I was not completely losing my mind.
Our conversation went well, it was agreed that in fact it was not fair to not have a time frame for this change, I argue the fact that I was LIED to, I was told in no uncertain terms that my position had been filled when I accepted the new position, I also interjected that my last day was supposed to be the 19th but I had agreed to stay on until the 29th at their request. So I gave them 4 weeks to replace me and now they are telling me that I will be doing BOTH jobs during the transition. I agree with my bosses boss that although that will be a HUGE work load (neither job have even REMOTE responsibilities) We are talking Apples and Cucumbers here people.
Anyways we finish up I am given a time frame of about 2 weeks to make the change and I am feeling really good about the whole situation.
Well then.... I get called in to the bosses bosses office with my boss to have a little talk. I can already tell walking in from her body language that this is not going to go well.
Turns out my bosses boss threw me under the buss and re-tracked his previous time frame of 2 weeks. My boss (who's ass would be showing if that was the REAL frame because I do most of her work anyways) she convinced him that due to the nature of what I do, I can not be working both positions because she wanted my sole focus on the job at hand. She also convinced him that although I gave 4 months notice and they still wanted me to take the other position that they had made the executive decision that I would "BE REQUIRED TO STAY IN MY ROLE INDEFINITELY UNTIL I COULD BE REPLACED"
And my position is not one you can just plop someone into, with all the shit coming up I can understand the decision although however unfair that is.
So I ask for clarification on a time frame, the 2 weeks turns in AT LEAST ANOTHER MONTH AND A FUCKING HALF!
So I am pissed. And I feel used and I am frustrated, and I know that if I agree to stay that the month and a half will be longer, and then longer....
And I feel that my back is against the wall and I have no choice but the fuck them back. I am going to smile and do my job and be great at what I do, and interview my ass off for a better opportunity and when it comes along bid them farewell.
Oh and they are not going to give me my raise until I "move" into my new role... Um yeah they want to keep my my fucking ass...


Vi said...

They are soooooo fucking pulling your chain!!! Just to try and keep a hold of you! Fly birdie...FLY!!!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you find something else, something better.

Magnolia Sun said...

They SUCK! I really hope something wonderful lands in your lap very soon so you can tell them what you really thing.

mSjEnA said...

aww man that sucks !! Stay positive. What god has for you nobody can take away !

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Vi- The stubborn teenager in me wants to walk away but the smart adult in me is getting her perscriptions filled seeing the dentist and getting new glasses... then I can walk away..

Whim- Thats life I guess.. I know there is something perfect out there for me!

Magnolia- Oh I will, I plan to milk the cow as long as I can and then just "not show up"

MsJena- I am staying as positive as I can.. I know everything that goes around comes around. And whats meant for we will be..

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