Monday, February 07, 2011

We have arrived!!

Safe and sound.

The drive was EXHAUSTING hubby and I were both sick with colds since the day we left California we are still sick but we have been spending time relaxing and just enjoying NOT HAVING ANYTHING GOING ON!!

All the doctors appointments start again on Wednesday so they said chemo will start again next week. Because he is sick right now its perfect because they would probably not let him do chemo anyways.

So we traded this

For this

And we could not be happier. I have posted more about the move here.


Dee Stephens said...

Thanks for stopping by. Where di you move?
I used to live in Vegas.. saw you were just there.
I'll have to catch up on your blog.
Best of luck and prayers to your and your hubby. My SIL is currently doing chemo for breast cancer and has a 2 and 4 year old. xoxo, Dee

astrocoz said...

I'm glad you two made it safely! The snow looks like fun!

Bri said...

Thank you for visiting! Hurray for Green Bay - best wishes as you get settled =)

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