Friday, January 08, 2010

Bad Blogger

Life has been busy....

Working 2 jobs is for the birds, the hubby and I are waiting to see if we will be moving again in the near future.

Oh yes moving again (fingers crossed) hopefully to somewhere warmer.

I am over the winter its been SO COLD outside and all the snow can go too!

I have not done a shoe update lately so one is coming! I have to get my pictures together..

And this new year like every year I am working on me. I am not getting any older and I have no more excuses for not losing these last 30 pounds (or 40 but ill take 30) so far I have lost 5 in 7 days so if I can keep this up I will do really great.

Any tips on staying motivated to eat right? Go to the gym?


Anonymous said...

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Steph said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Hope the moving situation works out for you. Maegan said...

Trying to stay motivated eating healthily is difficult ...especially when chocolate ice cream tastes so good! Congrats on your loss though!!

....the nude photographer you were referring to is one of my favorites, actually, but I hadn't thought of him for a couple of years. Thanks for jogging my memory. His name is Spencer Tunick and I actually have a small print in my house of one of his shots. They're so awesome, I'd love to get a large c-print of one. Thanks :) Happy Weekend!

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