Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures of the disaster ~ not for the faint at heart

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Last week I spent a day down at ground zero with water and treats for the rescue crews and it really humbles you.

To see ALL this loss in such a short time on day 2 we took the ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle)
Me and my team getting the ERV ready to head out...

The blast on TV the night before

The blast zone where all the fire was coming from And what makes me sick about all of this now is that PG&E KNEW that the pipes were OVER PRESSURIZED before the explosion. That people CALLED them to tell them they smelled gas....
Getting the truck set up with a picture of me when we arrived.. Look at the contrast to us and then EVERYTHING is gone behind the truck?

This was the 2 homes immediately in front of the blast. The big hole is right behind these homes in the middle of the street
I took this picture because it was so ironic the green car is from a "Disaster emergency company" and the logo on the back of the car says "Like it never happened" and contrast to the homes on the street with NOTHING LEFT but the chimneys? I doubt they could live up to that motto in this situation.
I took this picture then asked permission to use it.. This fire fighter was crying while he surveyed the damage... Seeing firemen, and police cry really makes it hard to keep ones composure. I never want to see someone cry because it makes me cry, I have learned that when I see a grown man cry... I sob..

Melted cars
The whole block was gone...
It was so hot the glass melted...
A childs playground
This was the home where a family perished. There were 3 people home at the time, Jacqueline Greig, 44, her 13-year-old daughter Janessa, , and 81-year-old Elizabeth Torres..... The coroner said they did not even know what happened it was so fast.
As a sign of solidarity the fire and police hung this flag across the street from where the family perished where the worst damage was done at Claremont and Glenview..

The news states 7 bodies have been recovered and 53 homes lost. Please pray for these families in the days to come as the recovery process starts...

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MrsB said...

so so sad. but those photos are truly incredible. really gives someone insight into how bad it really was. prayers go out to all involved.

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